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Privacy Control

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Energy Efficiency

Up your energy efficiency game with window film

How window film can
enhance your office

Reduce glare and heat in your office

Solar-control window film reduces glare and annoying building reflection so you can focus on work. Whether you prefer tinted or non-tinted films, Solar Arts' window films cut heat by up to 75% without blocking light and views. Solar Art’s commercial window tinting keeps your employees comfortable and productive all day.


Cooling your space, just got affordable

Adding Window Film is the best way to reject heat

When energy from the sun hits a window, some of the energy is soaked up and some of it is reflected, but the majority of it will actually go through the glass. What this means, is your commercial business or retail location is going to let in a lot of heat and get unbearably hot. Window film can reject up to 75% of the heat that enters a space, increasing both employee and customer comfort. You can also reduce your electricity bill while keeping your space cool. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Increase privacy and productivity

From medical offices to high-rise studios, get affordable, instant privacy with tinted window film, including one-way reflective mirror film. Solar Art’s wide selection of interior decorative glass film designs like frosting, bands, and more add style to your office and enhances focus and productivity. Your film is cut to order with a seamless, professional finish.

privacy-window-tint one-way-mirror-window-tint
Commercial Business with Privacy Film

Earn LEED certification with efficient energy

Reduce your energy needs while saving money and the planet. The EPA says that windows are “your best opportunity to save on cooling and heating loads.” Windows treated with our window films block twice as much total energy and visible light, while your office stays cooler, longer. Everyday we’re helping California business owners earn their LEED certification and save energy.


Reduce Up to:

75% of heat

Save Up to:

30% on bills

Earn Up to:

9 LEED points

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