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DefenseLite® is a clear shield that is installed over your existing window, door, storefront, and curtainwall glazing. DefenseLite provides forced entry protection and protects your space from vandalism, looting, and break-ins. DefenseLite® is a cost-effective security solution that will protect your property, employees, business, and more.

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defenselite security system
Safety & Security


BulletShield is a patented clear polycarbonate shield, professionally installed glazing security system that is retrofitted or adapted to existing windows, doors, storefronts and curtainwall and is a customized solution that costs far less than full bullet-resistant reglaze.

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Safety & Security

About DefenseLite® & BulletShield

DefenseLite® is a patented forced-entry security glazing system that is manufactured by Impact Security, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, helping to secure thousands of glazed openings across the United States.

The DefenseLite® retrofit security shield is designed to be installed onto the exterior or interior of the existing glazing system, helping to create unmatched protection against intruders in all types of commercial properties.

BulletShield is a clear proprietary polycarbonate shield that offers impressive ballistic resistance at a fraction of the cost. It is designed to protect glass which is the most targeted area of any building.

What is DefenseLite®?

DefenseLite® is a clear security solution that is made from unbreakable polycarbonate overglaze and is 250 times stronger than standard glass alone. Not only does DefenseLite have security and anti-graffiti protection, it also is  UV-coated for surface protection. 

defenselite security for storefront windows

DefenseLite® for storefront windows

Protect against smash & grabs and forced entry.

defenselite security for retail spaces

DefenseLite® for retail buildings

Protect your business high valued goods.

defenselite security for schools

DefenseLite® for schools

Protect against active shooter scenarios to keep children and staff safe.

defenselite security for banks

DefenseLite® for banks

Protect banking and governmental facilities from acts of violence.

Safety & Security

Benefits of DefenseLite® Products

DefenseLite® security products provide delay into a space and protect against ballistic attacks providing first responders, security professionals, employees, administration, and resource officers additional time to react to unpredictable criminal acts. 

Key Benefits:
  • Independently tested 
  • Affordable bullet-resistant protection
  • Installs into any existing glazing system
  • Quick & easy to install protection
  • Reduces street noise but up to 40%
  • Improves energy efficiency of existing glass by up to 50%
Warranty Information:
  • 2-years, no hassle warranty on installation parts and labor
  • 7-year warranty on the polycarbonate shields to protect against yellowing and cracking
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As a security and protective design and engineering consultant for 45 years, and after having participated in reviewing, analyzing, testing and subsequently specifying many different force protection products for clients with extreme security concerns, I would strongly advise those in similar positions to consider the products sold under the “DefenseLite®” brand name, and fabricated, furnished and installed by Impact Security. We have submitted their products to personal attacks by our security specialists and been engaged in having their products tested under live firing range conditions by elite law enforcement agencies for ballistic resistance and forced entry and can attest to their efficacy and value.

Robert Ducibella, Founding & Senior Principal RAPCS LLC, Founding & Senior Principal Emeritus DVS

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