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Solar Art is expanding and looking for great companies to partner with!

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Teamwork and communication leads to success. We care about the people to the left and the right, helping to unlock each others potential. Together, we raise the bar of performance standards and career development to grow personally and professionally.

The Opportunities Are Endless 


Owners can retire, work part time or stay on full time with an opportunity to retain equity in the business for increased financial gain.

Strong Culture

Strong company culture is important to us. We offer health insurance, IRA plans, as well as a fun perks and benefits program.

Central Support

Solar Art has developed a proven model with centralized support allowing us to successfully execute many acquisitions.


If You're Looking For Flexibility, You Came To The Right Place


Fair Value For Your Business

Solar Art is committed to paying a fair value for the business you worked so hard to grow. We know how important your business is to you so we will be fully transparent about how we value your business.

Equity in Solar Art

When you become a part of the Solar Art family, we want you to be invested in the company's long term success by having an option to have an equity stake in the business.

Ongoing Employment

When owners sell their company to Solar Art, they have the flexibility to decide what they want their future to look like. Owners can retire, work part-time or full-time in the ongoing operations.

Strong Culture

Our Company Culture is Bar None


Training Program

Part of our business process and one of the most important is our training program. When we acquire a business, our priority is to take everyone through our training process to make sure they are comfortable with how we operate to ensure a successful acquisition.

Hiring Best Practices

With over 30 years of industry experience, Solar Art knows the exact type of candidates that will help the company grow and succeed. Our amazing Chief People Officer can aid in hiring new team members for each location.

Health Insurance and IRA Plans

We have health insurance options and IRA plans for all of our employees.

Great Benefits For Employees

Strong company culture is very important to us at Solar Art. In addition to health insurance and IRA plans, we also offer all of our employees access to our Perks and Benefits program to encourage spending time with family, friends, and coworkers outside of the workplace.

Central Support

24/7Support, 24/7 Peace Of Mind


Operational Support

Solar Art’s established operational practices and systems can provide immediate benefits to any company that joins our team.

Large Project Collaboration

Solar Art doesn’t just do local installations. We have a seasoned commercial team that handles large-scale projects nationwide that you would have access to.

Centralized Accounting

To easily facilitate expansion, we have one internal centralized accounting team that handles the accounting for all Solar Art locations.

Marketing Expertise

Solar Art has a team of marketing experts who handle the marketing for each location including website design, digital advertising, sales literature, content production, and more.

Proprietary Business Software for Quoting, Inventory, and Scheduling

Solar Art uses a custom centralized software system that aids each location in estimating, scheduling, inventory and logistics.

Inventory Management

With our inventory system, we are able to have a streamlined inventory management process. Our system allows us to easily transfer inventory between different locations, keep track of what kind and how much inventory we have, as well as manage our film waste to improve the bottom line.

Business Process

In addition to gaining valuable software and support, businesses that join Solar Art also get to take advantage of our proven successful industry leading business processes.

Improved Film Pricing

As Solar Art continues to expand, we are able to acquire film at a lower cost, providing an immediate benefit to any company that partners with us.

Jeff Green & Mike Schuch
XLNT Window Tint

Jeff & Mike owned XLNT Tint of Anaheim. The business has a long standing 5-star reputation. Their decision to sell their business was to allow them to focus on growing another business they started together, Graffiti Shield.


Erik Devash
Erik Devash
Window Tint LA

Erik owned Window Tint LA. He started the business in 2014 and quickly scaled through the utilization of a software he built as a CRM for window tinting companies. He sold the business to move to Florida and focus on building out this amazing software called TintWiz.

Scott Steckler
ABC Sun Control

Scott owned ABC Sun Control. Being very passionate about the window film industry, Scott was looking to focus on sales rather than the day-to-day operations of running a business. He decided to sell ABC Sun Control and stay on part time as one of Solar Art's top performing sales reps.

Paul Murphy- Owner of Window Solutions- San Francisco
Paul Murphy
Window Solutions

Paul owned Window Solutions. Being very passionate about his customers, Paul was looking to focus on sales rather than the day-to-day operations of running a business. He decided to sell Window Solutions and stay on as a sales rep for a year. After that year, he retired and moved to Hawaii where he has a coffee farm.

John and Kim Henderson- Owners of Royal Window Films- Los Agneles and Orange County
John and Kim Henderson
Royal Window Films

John & Kim owned Royal Window Films. After many years in the industry, he decided to sell his business so he could retire and enjoy other hobbies. He stayed on part-time as a sales rep with the Solar Art team.

John Jackson- Owner of San Diego Glass Coatings- San Diego
John Jackson
San Diego Glass Coatings

John owned San Diego Glass Coatings. After many years in the business, he decided to sell so he could retire and enjoy his hobbies but stay on as a part time sales rep with the Solar Art team.

George Ricciardi- Owner of Suntech- Los Angeles
George Ricciardi

George owned Suntech. After many years in the window film industry, George decided to sell his business to Solar Art so he could focus on his hobbies as well as another business he owns. He has stayed on as a part-time sales rep ever since!

Chris Sugai- Original owner of Solar Art- Los Angeles
Chris Sugai
Solar Art

Chris owned Solar Art. While being the owner and operator of Solar Art, Chris also had another business that began to take off, Niner Bikes. In order to focus on Niner Bikes and scale that business, he thought it would be best to sell Solar Art to someone who could take over and give the business the attention it needed.