A solution for every need.

At Solar Art, we recognize that our customers are unique and that’s a challenge we readily embrace. So whether you’re a business owner or home owner looking to enhance the performance of your glass, we have the expertise to always provide you with the right solution.

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Comfort & Energy

If you are experiencing problems with heat or glare, we have different solar films that will increase your comfort and make your space more energy-efficient.

Privacy & Decorative

A lack of privacy is a thing of the past with our privacy and decorative window film.

Safety & Security

Our safety & security films strengthen your glass and prolong forced entry time. If you are experiencing a lack of security, we've got the solution for you!

Graffiti & Protection

Our anti-graffiti film protects your glass from vandalism, graffiti, etching, scratching, and more.

Graphics & Branding

If you are in need of branding your business, advertising your business, or adding a custom design, our custom graphics are the solution for you.


Over 35 years of professional experience

With over 50 employees, we have the best installers and sales team in the industry. We pride ourselves in always doing what is right for the customer.

5 locations along the west coast

Solar Art has been growing over the past 10 years and is still planning to have more locations. Find one of our offices closest to you here.

Huge product inventory to always find the right solution

We are always able to provide you with the right film for the job. With our multi-office business, we are able to house more film options, giving you the flexibility for your project.

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