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Graffiti Protection Window Film

Here's how graffiti film works

Anti graffiti window film is used to protect glass and other surfaces from vandalism and graffiti. Storefront glass is the most common target for vandalism. Anti graffiti film defends against scratching, dents, paint and acid etching. Graffiti film is installed the same way as solar window film and is easily removable if it gets tagged. Just like solar and decorative, storefront graffiti prevention film provides 99% UV rejection to protect against fading. Graffiti protection film adds strength to glass as it comes in both a 4 mil and 6 mil coating. Graffiti film is 100% optically clear as to not interfere with the appearance of the glass or the aesthetics of the space.

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24/7 Graffiti Protection

Anti Graffiti protection film provides 24/7 graffiti protection because the likelihood of knowing when a vandal is going to strike is slim to none. Glass is not the only surface in which graffiti prevention film can be applied. Aluminum and stainless steel surfaces also work really well. Graffiti coatings are great for high traffic areas such as mirrors, display cases and gas stations that often endure a lot of wear and tear. The United States spends around $12 billion annually on graffiti costs and that number is steadily rising. Graffiti film can help reduce this cost. The film endures the etching and can easily be replaced at a much lower cost than replacing glass.

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Glass and Metal and Mirrors, Oh My! 

Graffiti Protection with Metal Shield Applications

Metal Shield is a specific type of anti graffiti film that can be applied to aluminum and steel surfaces. Metal Shield is an obscure coating that can be installed to create the original, clean look of the surface whether it’s Stainless Steel, Brushed Aluminum or Brushed Gold. This is great if an elevator or another surface is already scratched up. 

Metal Shield is a 6 mil coating that can be installed right on top of existing scratches to hide them. If the elevator gets tagged again, the film can be easily replaced. Standard graffiti film can be applied to aluminum and steel surfaces and is a great option if the elevator has not yet been tagged. Metal Shield also comes in other forms such as Glass Shield and Mirror Shield that are perfect for other applications. All of these products will prevent against scratches and general wear and tear. Elevators, escalators and vending machines are perfect locations for Metal Shield to be applied.

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