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Home Security System

A smarter way to add security around your home and have peace of mind for your home and property. Easy installation and fits any glass or windows in your home!

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3-4 Mil
0.0028-0.004 Inches Thick
  • Earthquake
  • Keeping Shattered Glass in Tact
  • Can be Installed With A Silicone Attachment for Added Security
Reduce Risk & Injury
Falling or Flying Glass


7-8 Mil
0.007-0.008 Inches Thick
  • Earthquake
  • Keeping Shattered Glass in Tact
  • Recommended To Be Installed With A Silicone Attachment For Added Security
  • Increased Protection From Forced Entry
Prolonged Forced Entry
Increase Time To Get To Safety


13-14 Mil
0.013-0.014 Inches Thick
  • Earthquake
  • Keeping Shattered Glass in Tact
  • Recommended To Be Installed With A Silicone Attachment for Added Security
  • Increased Protection From Forced Entry
  • Greatly Prolongs Time to Get Through Glass
Increased Protection
Bats, Hammers, and everything in between

Home Security, Simplified.

Our film is engineered with a simple focus, to protect

So, what is security window film? It’s a protective layer of window film that is installed directly on the glass. It helps keep glass in tact in case of vandalism, severe weather, and accidents involving broken glass. Security window film can be installed with a silicone attachment for added protection. Security window film also comes in a tinted & reflective option that will greatly reduce heat and glare. Both options will block 99% of UVA and UVB rays.

Did you know?

23% of burglars get access to the home through a first floor window and the average time for forced entry is under 1 minute. Also, most burglars go to the master bedroom first. Our security window film will help reduce access and prolong time for forced entry.

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Proactive Home Security

Blanket your windows with protection

Security window film is the next generation of home security. Your home security system, whether it's a full DIY home security system, a motion sensor or an alarm system, will only remind you to close your windows, and our window film will take care of the rest. There are 126 millions homes in the United Stated and only 25 million have home security. In 2018 alone, there were 1,401,840 total home burglaries. We want to reduce that number. Our film in engineered with a simple focus, to protect, and our goal is simple—To make your home safe with real protection.

Peace of Mind

Home security during the day and night

24-hour protection, security window film is there to protect you when you need it most.

Fully Connected Security

Compliments your home security systems

Security window film is a strong component of your existing home security system.

365 Protection

Security that works every day. All year.

Proactive security that works 365 days a year, rain or shine, with or without electricity.

Window Security Film

The final piece to your home security system

Protect Against Accidents

Security window film can also protect against natural disasters and accidents such as a ball shattering your glass or window. Security window film helps keep glass intact in case a natural disaster from powerful winds, earthquakes, and other violent weather.

Issue addressed: shattered glass in air and on floor


Prolong Break-Ins

A major benefit of residential security window film is prolonging break-ins, giving you or local law enforcement more time to act. Security window film increases the amount of time it takes for someone to get through, deterring potential break-ins and slowing smash-and-grabbers.

Issue addressed: home intrusion & forced entry


Block Harmful UV Rays

In addition to prolonging break-ins and protecting against accidents, security window film blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays. 40% of fading is caused by harmful UV rays. All window film, whether it’s solar film, anti graffiti film, decorative window film and custom graphics will block 99% of UVA and UVB rays!

Issue addressed: faded floors and furniture


How security film is installed

View how film is installed with the options of security film we offer

Creating peace of mind at home

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Natural Disaster Protection

Home Burglary Deterrence

Increased Home Security


Peace of mind for your home and property

Let our anti-intrusion window film do the hard work so you can relax and spend time with your family.
And do a lot more of this—Zzz's.

Real Customers,
Real Reviews.

Read what people are saying about our security film.


Police Officer & Homeowner 
Security Film

“The installer Oscar G. is excellent in his service. Very detail and meticulous to make sure the glass is clean free of dirt before the application of the 8 mil security film. After the application you will ask whether there is really an application because it is just that clear. Highly recommended for all your windows tinting needs.”

Victor Cho
Homeowner - Los Angeles, CA

Very professional outfit installing 3M security film on my windows. They came in and did it exactly what they said they would do. They also problem solved a couple window issues I had on the fly. Everything looked great when it was done and they left the house as clean as when they came.

Gregory Cain
Homeowner - Seattle, WA

“We ended up later getting security film on our front door (glass) and on the windows of our kids rooms (ground level) because it also protects in the event of an earthquake...For the install, the guys were great: they had to coordinate their work with another vendor we had in the house at the time, they took a super late lunch so that they could finish my child's room before nap time...

Amy H.
Homeowner - San Francisco, CA

“I wanted the the windows to be secure with out "security bars" on the windows or replacing the windows with laminated glass windows. The film installed proved not only to be the best solution esthetically and economically, but it was installed in a very little amount of time. The install crew was professional and friendly. That was a big job and of course they were attentive. The second job they did for us was a small job, but their attentiveness and professionalism were the same as if it were a big job.”

Tom S.
Homeowner - San Francisco, CA

“I had them install security film for my new home, they were great professionals and fast service. I would recommend them to family and friends.”

Ktb Lee
Homeowner - Seattle, WA

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Security Window Film! 

Does security window film really work?

Yes, security window film really works! Security is a topic that should never be taken lightly. Security window film is an added protection in the case of an intruder. Security window film helps strengthen glass by 2-3 times, which can prolong the amount of time it takes to enter through the glass.

What is the price of security window film?

Security window film prices vary based on manufacturer, tier of tint and the type of film that is being installed. Pricing is generally based on the square footage of glass. On average, having window security film installed can cost anywhere between $6/sqft and $18/sqft. Speak with a sales representative or operations manager to discuss pricing or request a free quote!

Is security window film installed on the exterior or interior?

Generally, security window film is applied on the interior. If you are looking for added protection you can even install it on both the interior and exterior with an attachment systemattachment system. Speak with a sales representative to learn more!

Is security film impenetrable?

Security window films will help hold glass together in case someone or something hits it. Security window film will prolong forced entry time, but is not impenetrable. To learn more, speak with a sales representative!

What is the lifespan of security window film?

Security window film can last several years depending on location and surface to which it is applied. Interior security window film will last longer than exterior window film due to weather and harsher environments. Speak with a sales representative to learn the lifespan of specific films!

What thickness of security window film should I install?

We generally install either 4 mil or 7 mil security window film to residences where the chances of break-ins are less. Typically, we install 8 mil or 14 mil security window film to storefronts or schools, but we have also installed it to homes. Ultimately, the decision on which thickness to install is up to you. You can work with our sales representatives to learn more and figure out which security window film will work best for you!

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