How to clean tinted windows

Window Tint Cleaning and Care Instructions

Learn how to clean tinted windows properly and get warranty information. For specific window tint manufacturer warranty terms and conditions please contact our office.

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How to Clean Tinted Windows

Window film needs time to dry the surface to which it is applied. It's quite normal for the newly installed window film to appear wet, cloudy, or hazy to the eye. It's also common for the newly installed window film to show evidence of water bubbles. Don't be alarmed, this is simply residual moisture trapped under the film that evaporates as the film cures to this window over the drying period mentioned below. It can sometimes take up to 60 days for all the moisture to evaporate.

*Please do not touch or press on these bubbles as it will prolong the drying process and damage the film.

Window tint cleaning instructions

Cleaning Tinted Windows

  • Please do not clean your window (s) for approximately 45 days after the installation
  • Window Films may be washed with ammonia free, common household washing solutions
  • To maintain your warranty, please do not use tape or other adhesive products on the film 

Window Tint Warranty

  • Manufacturer warranty valid after 45 days of the drying process
  • Warranty covers peeling, bubbling and discoloration
  • Warranties are non-transferable
  • For details on your warranty, please contact or call the office at 800.995.7115

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