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"We enhance your space through technical expertise, outstanding customer service and quality film installations."


A look through time

Solar Art was founded in 1985. The original owner, Chris Sugai, had a goal of taking the window film business to the next level with a superior level of service and professionalism that the industry had never seen. In 2010 the company sold to entrepreneur Matthew Darienzo, whose mission was to build on what Chris had established but expand the company like no other in its industry. His vision was to do this by building the right team with the right culture and acquire independent window tint shops across the country. Each time learning from the knowledge and experience of the owner while bringing most of them along for the ride. With 7 locations all along the US, 83 employees, and plans to continue to go across the country, Solar Art is just getting started. Look for us in a market near you soon!

solar art window tinting los angeles

May 2011

Solar Art acquires a window film company expanding its presence in the Los Angeles market.

solar art window tinting san diego
Stop The Sun

August  2013

Solar Art acquires a window film company expanding its presence into North County San Diego.

solar art window tinting san diego
San Diego Glass Coatings

March 2015

Solar Art acquires a window film company expanding its presence into South County San Diego.

solar art window tinting orange county
Royal Window Films

April 2015

Solar Art acquires a window film company expanding its presence in the Orange County market.

solar art window tinting san francisco
Window Solutions

August 2016

Solar Art acquires a window film company expanding its presence into the San Francisco Bay Area.

solar art window tinting seattle
ABC Sun Control

August 2017

Solar Art acquires a window film company expanding its presence into the Seattle & Tacoma area.

solar art window tinting los angeles

December 2018

Solar Art acquires a window film company expanding its presence in the Los Angeles market.


December 2019

Solar Art acquires a window film company expanding its presence in the Los Angeles and Orange County markets.


April 2022

Solar Art acquires a window film company expanding its presence in the Dallas County, TX market.

Metro Tint

April 2022

Solar Art acquires a window film company expanding its presence in Phoenix and Maricopa County, AZ markets.

Brower Tinting & Graphics

August 2022

Solar Art acquires a window film company expanding its presence in the Seattle, Renton and Western Washington markets.

Solar Insulation

March 2023

Solar Art acquires a window film company expanding its presence in the Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama markets.

New York Window Film

May 2023

Solar Art acquires New York Window Film expanding its presence to all of the five boroughs of New York, much of Long Island, as well as Westchester and northern New Jersey.

American Window Film

May 2023

Solar Art acquires American Window Film expanding its presence to Boston, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas as well as Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

Meet the Team

Learn about the team you will be working with at Solar Art!

Matthew Darienzo

I like pizza.

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Howard Wallace Solar Art Headshot
Howard Wallace

New science suggests that coffee + nap in that order is better than coffee or nap without the other.

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Matt Harvey

Inspired by the positive impact a great team can have on the world.

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Brian Lagestee
Brian Lagestee
Management Consultant

Time is a valuable resource, choose where you spend it wisely.

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Jill Boultinghouse
Chief People Officer

believe work can be joyful.


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Dawn Baggs
Dawn Baggs
Director of Business Process

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.

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Michelle Nolan
Michelle Nolan
Accounting Associate

Likes breweries, books, and brunch!

Jenna Barnett
Accounting/Data Analytics Assistant

"The best day of the week is Ramen Tuesday"

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winnie solar art window film accounting associate
Winnie Zhan
Accounting Associate

Foodie. Grammar nazi. Frequent flier. Solo tasker. Day dreamer.

Evan Harper
Accounting Associate

"I like Breweries, Baseball, Rock Climbing, and Golf"


Jasmine Banegas
Jasmine Banegas
Contracts & Insurance Admin

I love a good bag of chips.

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Kayla Sandberg
Contracts Administrator

“Sometimes it's about the will, not the skill."

Jennifer Schneider
Sales Operations Manager

Life is better with love, dogs, and ice cream.

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McKenna Potts
Operations Manager (OC/SD)

"I'm a book lover and an In-N-Out eater" 

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Lexi Collica
Operations Associate (OC/SD)

“I love to snowboard, hangout with friends, and dogs!”

Jesus Barbosa
Jesus Barbosa
Operations Associate (LA)

Solar Art pays me in tacos, the currency of the future.

Mel Lew
Operations Manager (SF)

"Never memorize something that you can look up - Einstein words I live by"

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Lina Solar Art
Lina Butterworth-Aguilar
Operations Assistant (SF)

“I am an aggressive Care Bear.”

Jennifer Bradford
Jennifer Bradford
Senior Operations Manager (SEA)

I love scary movies and PB&J sandwiches!

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Eden Riley
Eden Riley
Assistant Operations Manager (SEA)

Que sera sera and stuff.

Bri Chargualaf
Operations Assistant (SEA)

I can’t see in the dark.

Chris Moon
Project Lead (SEA)

“The separation is in the preparation.“ - Russell Wilson

Chris Cunningham
Chris Cunningham
Large Commercial Operations Manager

Same ol' G


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Chad Shields
Chad Shields
Large Commercial Project Manager

I like cracking eggs, skulls, and Benjamins. I have a long history in construction and in my free time I enjoy hiking, camping, and cooking.

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Harold Avelino
Corporate Operations Associate
"There isn't any shame in being weak, the shame is in staying weak"

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Mark Gascoine
Director of Sales

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop a positive vision.” - Dalai Lama

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Jeff Salt
Jeff Salt
Sales Manager (California)

You can probably find me on a basketball court or a soccer field!

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field-estimator-commercial-home-window-film (1)
Heath G.
Field Estimator (OC/SD)

"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things."

- Leonardo da Vinci

Jack Gorrien
Field Estimator (LA)
Bob Mason
Bob Mason
Field Estimator (LA)
I love to scuba dive in tropical warm water.
Liz Casey field estimator home window film
Liz Casey
Field Estimator (LA)

“If you don’t shoot, you'll never score.”

Brian Yee
Field Estimator (SF)

If I'm not in work clothes 90% of the time I'm in gym clothes

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Gregg Templin
Gregg Templin
Field Estimator (SF)

Hard working team player! Family, Tennis, Fitness and JEEPS are my passion!

Scott Steckler
Scott Steckler
Director of Business Development (SEA)

32 years in a Window film & Graphics industry in the pacific NW with a passion for the benefits of Thin Film Technology and a resource for architectural window films. 

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Fabian Garcia
Fabian Garcia
Project Manager (SEA)

Lover of Music, Sports and The Great PNW.

Bret Seeger
Bret Seeger
Field Estimator (SEA)

Music lover, dog lover, my goal is to always give the highest level of customer service while finding the solution that meets our customers needs.

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Jessica Steckler
Associate Estimator (SEA)

For fun I enjoy skiing at White Pass in WA, cooking, traveling and floating around on the lake.

Jamie Gerber
Jamie Gerber
Graphics Production Manager
Blood, Sweat, Respect...The first 2 you give the last you earn.
John Bell
Graphics Manager

I'm a Frisbeetarian. I believe when you die your soul goes up on the roof and you can't get it down.

Cameron Garside
Graphics Design (SEA, SF)

"Just remember, everybody poops."

Katlyn Tennyson
Graphics Production (SEA, SF)

"Protection and power are overrated, I think you’re very wise to choose happiness and love." – Uncle Iroh

Our Core Values

Create Loyal Fans

We create an environment that people love

Authenticity Matters

Trust is built one job at a time

Be Excellent Together

We support our teammates

We Embrace Change

How we got here today is not how we will get there tomorrow

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Solar Art installs window tinting on private offices, storefronts and even entire buildings in the Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle areas. We have worked with companies like UCLA, Facebook, Google and more to install window films and graphics. 


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Oscar G. came over to my residence to tint my sliding doors. He is courteous and his work is impeccable. I'm extremely please with what he has done, and will definitely use him and his company again.

Ryan Z
Los Angeles, CA

This team was easy to work with and were prompt on the day of install. They worked cleanly with little disruption to our working environment. We also had a last minute request to frost two additional windows in our conference room and they accommodated as best they could with time permitting (they were able to get those two added windows covered while they were here). I would recommend working with ABC Sun Control to anyone that has window covering needs, either tinting or frosting.”

Elysian Brewing
Seattle, WA

Solar art was professional, personable, and easy to work with. What I enjoyed about my experience, is the accountability they held. I’m very pleased with the mural they installed at my yoga studio. I highest recommend them for any of the services they offer. Yay! :)

Paola Patel
Orange County, CA

These guys are terrific. I feel like they give me really honest advice, recommend what's best for me (not necessarily for them), do their work with pride (carefully and efficiently), and stretch to make things convenient for me in my very narrow time constraints. We've had them do a lot of windows for us in various treatments depending on the requirements for different windows. I wholeheartedly recommend them to you.”

Sandy Lillie
San Francisco, CA

Had a great experience with the Solar Art team! From the prompt communication to the quick frosting installation on my companies conference room windows. My manager was hesitant to get the installation, and didn't have time to do his research on Solar Art, so he left the ball in my hand. Literally every employee in our office made a compliment on our frosting, and my manager now wants to frost additional conference rooms and offices in our new suite.”

Apriana Phelps
Orange County, CA

We are very happy with the service we received! The individual that gave us the consultation gave us great advice and recommendations. We were planning to tint other windows but he recommended that it wouldn't make much of a difference because of where they were located. We really appreciated the honest of suggestions. The work they did was fast, clean and done in a timely matter.

Gabriela H
Los Angeles, CA

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