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For businesses and homeowners both, windows are the most common point of entry during invasions. Whether it is doors, windows or sidelights, glass is very susceptible to being broken. With safety being a high topic of concern lately, security film for windows is an easy and affordable way to increase the safety of your space.



Protect glass from shattering during a break-in.

Here's how security film works..

Security window film is installed the same way as regular solar window film. Security film comes in various thicknesses and colors. It can be clear so intruders won’t even know it’s there, or it can be extremely reflective almost like you are looking into a mirror; similar to one way privacy window film.

Safety window film can increase the strength of your glass by 2-3 times and could provide even more safety when installed with a silicone attachment. Installing the film with the silicone attachment assures against impact from earthquakes, provides extra strength against break-ins and strengthens glass for impact or bomb blasts.


School safety just got easier 

Solar Art has installed safety and security film in a variety of different spaces. Unfortunately, with the recent world events, school safety is an area of concern and schools are one of the most common locations we have installed security window film. There are several ways to increase campus safety, such as locks on both windows and doors and minimizing the amount of entrances and exits there are within the school.  Security window film is another security precaution that is a simple and cost effective way to keep not only children, but school administrators and staff safe. Security window film can prolong the amount of time it takes for an intruder to get on campus. Eastman, the manufacturer who created Llumar and Vista products, recommends their 13 mil security film to protect against forced entry to prevent more school safety incidents from occurring. Check out their short video to see the the impact security film can withhold and it’s durability. Ready to secure your school? Contact us for a free consultation!

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At any given moment mother nature can strike or a dangerous situation can present itself. There are thousands of break ins each year and windows and glass are the top way of entry for intruders. Always being prepared is crucial. Safety and security window film can help keep glass in tact in case someone or something hits it. This will keep shards of glass from flying and can prolong the amount of time it takes someone to get through the glass. As a bonus, security window film also rejects 99% UV rejection and is much cheaper to replace than glass!  



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