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How window tint for your home
can improve your home

Keep the glare out.
So you can watch TV.

See how window tint in your home can reduce glare.

Afternoon sun glare can wash out your TV screen and computer monitors, making it hard to see anything. Solar film blocks over 75% of the visible light coming through your windows. Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and computer games with our anti glare window film, without having to darken your room at all.


Don't stress about sun fading.
We don't.

Learn how window tint in your home can reduce sun fading.

Sun fading can be a concern for homeowners with windows that face the sun: the damage is permanent and destructive, and not every piece of artwork or furniture can be replaced. The primary cause of sun-fading is the sun’s UVA and UVB light, responsible for 40% of sun-fading. Solar window film helps to block 99.9% of UV light without drastically changing the look of your windows.


UV Rays

Rejects 99.9% of harmful UV rays to protect you and your belongings


Solar Heat

Reject up to 78% of solar heat to keep your home comfortable


Visible Light

Allow up to 85% of light transmission so you can still enjoy the natural sun light


Staying cool,
just got easier.

How sun blocking window film in your home can reduce heat.

"Window Film blocks direct solar heat to reduce summer cooling demand, and insulates to reduce summer and winter energy use" -

Solar control films help reduce additional heat that enters your home by limiting solar energy. When energy from the sun hits your window, some of the solar energy is soaked up and some is reflected by the window, but a majority of it passes through the glass causing your house to get really hot, really fast. Cranking the air conditioner is one solution, but will increase your utility prices and use more energy. Solar film is a cost efficient and simple way to keep your house cool by rejecting up to 75% of heat.

Keep your home, your home,
not your nosey neighbors.

See how you can add privacy with home window tinting.

Windows expose our homes to our neighbors and anyone else looking in. Solar Art offers budget-friendly privacy film, including tinted and one way window film, so you can see out, but people outside can’t see in. Our films are cut to your windows for a perfect fit. Let the light in while you keep prying eyes out.

residential-home-no-privacy residential-home-window-film-privacy
Residential Home with Privacy Film

Let's compare your options.

See how much you can save with home window tint.

According to the NFRC, "Each year, the average American household spends $1,500–2,500 on energy bills. 45% of that cost is for heating and cooling.Our window films keep your home cooler in the summer naturally by blocking over twice as much solar energy as untreated glass, while allowing in only 67% as much visible light. With Solar Art you can reduce your electricity bill by up to 30%, even in extreme heat while helping the planet as well.

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How does window film work?

See how window tint works.

All of Solar Art’s solar-control window films block over 75% of the heat and 99% of UVA/UVB light entering through your windows. With heat reducing window film, the sunlight stays outside and never builds up inside your home. With Solar Art’s industry-leading solar window tint, you’ll make your home happy and bright while using the AC less through the day.


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