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Everybody in San Francisco, CA knows how old the buildings are. Although they may be older and outdated, that doesn't mean there isn't a solution. Solar Art's building wraps in San Francisco is a new retrofit that can completely change the look of your building for a fraction of the cost of replacing all the glass. There are many additional benefits to the wraps along with the new look.


Building Wrap Benefits

Buildings of any shape or size look more modern with our exterior films and vinyl wraps. Tinting shields your office from harmful rays and gives it an updated appearance. Your tenants will enjoy the freedom from screen glare as well as the privacy tinted windows give them.

By reflecting the extra light and heat coming into the office, you don't need to keep the building's air conditioning running as much and your tenants can work without distraction. With all the energy you'll conserve, you may be eligible for a utility rebate from PG&E.

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Your Choices for Exterior Wraps

All of our exterior films and vinyl wraps are created to improve the appearance of your office. This retrofit does not require replacing any glass panels. Our products are cut to your exact window shape and size, so the end product looks natural. We've got the expertise to complete the task quickly, regardless of how many windows your office has. Various colors and shades are available to make your building look brand new!

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There are many benefits to installing our wraps and films to the windows on your building. In most situations, our clients experience a decrease in their HVAC costs, happier tenants because of the reduced glare and more privacy for all occupants inside. From towering sky scrapers to humble office spaces, Solar Art is prepared to serve businesses throughout the San Francisco, CA area with top-notch products and services for indoor and outdoor windows. Our helpful team is standing by to provide you with more information and a free quote today.