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Costa Mesa, California 

Custom Graphics Installation at a Building in Costa Mesa, California

Solar Art installed custom graphics to an office in Costa Mesa, California! The name of the business is Experian, who according to their website, “are a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting and marketing services.” They have a huge office building in Costa Mesa and the business owner was having an issue with privacy. He was looking to increase privacy on all office sidelites, while also incorporating a fun and creative design!

Solar Art's Goals

As a business owner you have a lot of responsibilities and wear a lot of different hats. There are a ton of moving parts and a lot of things going on all at one time. With that being said, if you were to ask any business owner, most of them would probably say that one of the most important parts of running a business is having both your employees and your customers feeling happy and comfortable. If they don’t feel comfortable in their place of work, running the actual business part of things is going to be tough. The business owner recognized that the employees weren’t happy with a few things and he decided to address it as soon as possible. In the case of this customer, the two big ways to increase comfort in their office space is to create a welcoming layout and to maintain privacy and confidentiality. Being in the industry they are in, it is crucial that Experian has a sense of privacy and confidentiality in the office space. Before the window film installation, the office had a lot of glass throughout it. This is nice because it makes the space feel open and airy, but it also creates a lack of privacy and confidentiality. The business owner told our sales representative that people walking by can see straight into the offices and there is no privacy whatsoever. There are also a lot of big, bare walls throughout the office. This left the office feeling cold, uninviting. Who wants to work in a cold and uninviting office? No one that’s who.
With that being said, the business owner was looking for a solution to these problems because he knows how important comfort is. The way Solar Art got this project is a little different than we’ve talked about in previous case studies. We actually got this project through a bid on plans. If you have no idea what that means, don’t worry, I’ll explain it right now. Typically, if a company has a lot of work and renovations they need done on their building, they will hire an architect to put together the plan. The plan includes everything that the building owner needs done. From there, the building owner hires a general contractor to take on the entire project. General contractors put together a bid on the price it will take to get the job done and the way general contractors are able to get all of the work done and get a price, is by subbing out different parts of the bid. What that means is general contractors can prepare a bid of what they are looking for and send it out to their different subcontractors to bid on. That’s what happened with this project. The architect and the general contractor knew the customer was looking for increased privacy and office design, so there was a part of the bid that called out window film. Solar Art bid on the project and we won! From there, we worked closely with both the customer and the general contractor to ensure the customer got exactly what they were looking for.

Solar Art's Suggestions

Just like we have talked about in nearly all of our past case studies, our sales representative met the customer at the office to take a look at the glass and take exact measurements. This is especially important with bid on plan projects because we want to ensure the sizes of the glass are all correct. The one different part about bids on plans vs. a regular installation is the project material is already spec’d. With that being said, our sales representative didn’t need to show the customer different window film options because one was already decided. He still did work with them to learn exactly what they were looking for and what their vision is for their office. The window film that was spec’d out on the bids on plans was a custom graphic design. At this point, our sales representative handed the project off to our graphics department. Our graphics department created a proof based off what the bid said and sent it over to the customer for approval and to make sure they still like the look of the design they created. 


What the Customer Chose

Since Solar Art didn’t have to help the customer choose which material they wanted to have installed, we asked both our sales representative and our graphics specialist why they think the customer chose the design they did. They both said it is probably because the material and the design chosen will significantly increase privacy and it will also give the office a really cool and modern look. The cool thing about custom graphics is that you can create basically whatever you want. If we weren’t working off of a bid plan and the customer hadn’t already picked out a design, our in house graphics team could work with them directly to come up with a design. Custom graphics can be printed and installed on a variety of different surfaces, including glass, walls, cement, carpet and more. You have the ability to recreate an already existing design, or you can come up with a complete custom design, it’s totally up to you! Solar Art installs custom graphics to both homes and commercial spaces every single day. People often choose to install a motivating quote or their favorite travel destination as motivation to get them through their day. No matter what you choose to install, custom graphics are a super affordable and easy way to completely transform your space.

Results of the Window Film Installation

Overall, this was a really big project Solar Art was lucky enough to be part of. The office is really large and there were four floors worth of offices and meeting rooms that needed window film. The project ended up being 1,372 square feet of window film installed. Like we talked about earlier, Solar Art won the bid and we worked closely with the the customer and the general contractor to get the job done. It took our installation crew about six hours to do each floor, so the entire installation took 24 hours to complete. Since our sales representative, Jeff, was the one who won this bid and worked the closest with the customer on the project, we decided to ask him his overall thoughts on the project and how he thought it went. Jeff said, “doing custom cut graphics on office spaces is always a good opportunity as it gives a chance to show future clients that we really can do any design they have in mind and shows that window film can be much more fun and complex than people think.” Overall, this project went really well and was a complete success because the customer got exactly what they were looking for. Privacy has been increased in the offices and the meeting rooms. People walking by are no longer able to see straight in and see what’s being talked about and discussed. Not to mention, the custom graphic design that was chosen looks really cool. It has a modern and clean look that gives the offices a welcoming feeling. In addition to custom graphics, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, anti graffiti film, window security film and exterior building wraps. If you are a business owner that thinks custom graphics might be a good fit for your office, or you are interested in learning more about them, contact Solar Art today for a free window film quote!

Project Details


Costa Mesa, California

Type of Film:

Custom Graphics

Square Feet of Project:

1,372 sf.

Installation Time:

4 days of install

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