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Custom Graphics Installation at a Company in San Mateo, California

Are you a business owner that is expanding your business and have multiple offices across different locations? Are you trying to maintain a cohesive theme throughout all of your offices? If so, this case study is for you! Or if you are a business owner that wants a custom design for your office, this case study also pertains to you, so read on! The company this case study was for is called Helix. Per the Helix website, they are “collaborators-scientists, engineers, designers, marketers, and more-working across two offices to solve complex challenges locked within the human genome.” Pretty cool right? We think so. Anyway, this company currently has two locations, one in San Diego and one in San Mateo. Solar Art has been lucky enough to do several projects with this company at both locations. We have installed custom graphics and decorative window film to different private offices and conference rooms in both locations. The business owner had more work that they needed done in their San Mateo office. In the private offices in both locations, they have different geometric shapes installed to the walls and windows. The customer was looking for the same thing for this new part of the office. Even though we have done work for Helix in the past, our sales representative still met the customer on site to confirm everything and make sure we know exactly what they are looking for!

Benefits of Custom Graphics

When our sales representative met the business owner on site, they walked the property and talked about the different locations they wanted the custom graphics installed. The customer originally had custom graphics installed to personalize their office space. Their company logo is a series of shapes in different colors and they wanted to tie that in all throughout the office. They wanted to keep with the theme of the other offices and wanted the same shapes in the same color installed to the walls in the office area. In their other office there is a large collaborative area that has floor to ceiling glass. The customer had shapes installed in a frosted window film as a distraction pattern. This new office space had a similar area and the business owner wanted to do the same distraction pattern. The last custom graphic the business owner wanted was on a TV wall in the office. They wanted to have their specific coding installed to really personalize their office space. After our sales representative walked the site with the customer and confirmed everything they were looking for, he passed it along to our in house graphics team. Our graphics department looked at the customers past quotes to make sure the sizing and coloring are all the same. From there, our graphics team sent the customer proofs just to confirm everything is correct. Once the proofs were approved, we were ready to go with the installation! The customer was really happy with the results of the installation because no matter how big the company grows, he can have peace of mind knowing that his offices can all have a cohesive and uniform look. In addition to custom graphics, Solar Art also services decorative window film, solar film, anti graffiti film, window security film and exterior building wraps throughout the entire West Coast. If you are a business owner that is interested in learning more about custom graphics contact Solar Art today for a free quote! 

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