3M Prestige Window Film

Atherton, California

3M Prestige Window Film Installation in Atherton, California

Solar Art did a residential 3M Prestige window film installation in Atherton, California! This is a beautiful modern home that has large windows and glass doors on both levels. The homeowner just recently remodeled the interior of the home and has hardwood flooring and expensive artwork throughout it. Since the homeowner just spent a lot of time and money renovating the home, he wanted to be precautious and protect his valuable artwork, floors, and furniture from sun fading. With that much glass throughout the home, these items are exposed to the harsh sun all day.

In addition to sun fading, the customer also noticed that the home has a slight heat problem. He also wanted to be conscientious and take care of that before his electricity bill rises too much. With that being said, the customer didn’t want to install blinds and shades. He wanted to keep with the modern look of the home and didn’t want to compromise natural light or views outside. After researching different window treatments and window solutions, the customer came across window film where he learned that window film can protect against ultraviolet rays as well as reduce heat. From there, he researched window film companies near him and came across Solar Art’s website where he decided to request a free quote to learn more about home window tinting!

Solar Art's Goals

Solar Art’s goals for this project were to meet with the customer at the home and get an understanding of what they were looking for in window film. Our sales representative from our San Francisco office met the homeowner at the home to take a look at the windows in question. While there, he learned that the customer’s top priority was to find a UV window film that will help reduce or prolong sun fading. In addition to protecting against sun fading, the customer was also interested in reducing heat to lower the electricity bill. While the customer wanted to protect against sun fading and reduce heat, he didn’t want to compromise his views or the overall aesthetics of the home.

Solar Art's Recommendations

After hearing what the customer’s goals were and what they wanted out of window film, our sales representative educated the customer on the different window film options available on the market and the benefits they offer. When it comes to solar film in general, there are interior and exterior window film options. Exterior window film is made to withstand weathering and is great for hard to reach locations and areas where maximum heat rejection is necessary.

Since there is access to the glass in the home, our sales representative suggested an interior window film. He suggested Prestige 60 and Prestige 70, which are part of the 3M Prestige window film line. He suggested these window films because they provide UV protection, heat rejection, and aren’t going to change the overall aesthetics of the home.

What the Customer Chose

After working with our sales representative, learning about the different options, and hearing his suggestions, the customer decided to go with 3M Prestige 70! The homeowner ultimately decided to go with 3M because of the infamy and he knew it was a brand he could trust. The 3M Prestige window film the customer chose blocks 50% of heat, 23% of glare, and 99.9% of ultraviolet rays.

Blocking 50% of heat from entering the home is going to make the home cooler without having to use the air conditioning, which is what the customer is looking for. Ultraviolet rays are the leading cause of sun fading, so by blocking 99.9% of them, the lifespan of the customers' expensive flooring, furniture, and artwork is being extended. 3M Prestige window film contains no metal and has low reflectivity, which enhances the views and the overall beauty of the home, without drastically altering the aesthetics.

Results of the Window Film Installation

The customer was happy that there was a window film that checked off everything he was looking for! Since the majority of the sun enters on the front-facing windows, he decided to install the 3M Prestige window film to all of the first and second-floor windows in the front of the house as well as the staircase. The installation ended up being 1,743 square feet of 3M Prestige window film and took five days to complete.

We asked Mel, our operations manager in our San Francisco office what her overall thoughts were on the project and she said, Overall, the job went well! We were able to help the customer find a window film to achieve their goals.” In addition to solar film and 3M Prestige window film, Solar Art also services decorative window film, custom graphics, anti-graffiti film, window security film, and exterior building wraps. Contact Solar Art today to learn more about 3M Prestige window film!

Project Details


Atherton, California

Type of Film:

3M Prestige Window Film

Square Feet of Project:

1,743 sf.

Installation Time:

5 days of install

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