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Seattle, Washington

Storefront Window Graphic Installations at Military Recruiting Centers in Seattle, Washington

Solar Art installed custom graphics and security window film to two Military Recruiting Centers in different areas of Washington State. Since we have offices located up and down the West Coast, we can help the Military Recruiting Center with installations at their different locations and have built a great relationship with them over the years. We recently did two installations with the Military Recruiting Center. One installation was in Seattle, Washington and the other installation was in Port Angeles, Washington.

We have done different jobs for the military recruiting center in the past and they have always wanted increased privacy with a way to brand and get their message across. These two installations were no different in what they were looking for. For this case study, we talked with Scott, Director of Business Development and senior sales representative in the Seattle office, and Jamie, our graphics production manager, as they both worked hard on these two installations and worked closely with the Military Recruiting Center to help them with their window tinting needs at both their Seattle and Port Orchard locations!

Solar Art's Goals

Solar Art’s goals for these two installations were to meet with the Military Recruiting Center to learn the details of the two projects and to help the customer with all of their window tinting needs. When Scott and Jamie talked with the customer, they learned that the Military Recruiting Center had a few goals they were looking to achieve. In both locations, they wanted to increase privacy without losing views outside of the building. They also wanted to send out their message to potential recruits through branding on the storefront glass in both locations.

The Port Orchard location wanted to take it a step further and also send out their message through a wall graphic in the building. In addition to the custom graphics, the Port Orchard location was interested in learning more about security film for specific windows in their storefront. The customer wanted to add to their existing security system to make the building as safe and secure as possible. Since both of these projects heavily involved custom graphics, both Jamie and Scott worked closely with the customer and went back and forth with them to learn the specifics of the job and help them bring their vision to life!

Solar Art's Suggestions

For both of the custom graphics portions of the installations, Jamie and Scott suggested printing the images on a perforated window film. The reason our team suggested perforated window film is because the customer wanted to utilize graphics, increase privacy, and still have the ability to see out.

If we didn’t print the custom graphics on perforated window film, the customer would lose visibility in and out of the building. For the Port Orchard security window film location, Scott suggested that the customer install 3M Ultra S600 to the storefront windows in question to help increase safety and security. Scott suggested this security film because of its strength and increased safety capabilities.

What the Customer Chose

For both installations, the customer took all Jamie and Scott’s suggestions for the custom graphics. The Military Recruiting Centers agreed that the perforated window film with the image printed on top of it would be the best custom graphics route for both locations. For both Seattle and Port Orchard, the Military Recruiting Center already had the graphic design created. They have standard images that they use across all of their recruitment centers to keep their brand, their image, and their message the same.

For both locations, the building owner has strict guidelines on what can and cannot be installed to the glass and walls that the Military Recruiting Center has to abide by. The Military Recruiting Center met with the building owner to get an agreed-upon window graphic and wall graphic. Once the design of the graphics was approved and ready to go, the customer sent it over to Jamie and the rest of our graphics department. From there, it was Jamie’s job to convert the approved design to fit the storefront glass windows. Once the design was finalized to fit the space, Jamie and the team created a proof for the customer to see what the custom graphic was going to look like on the windows and the wall. Once the proofs were approved by the Military Recruiting Center, we were ready to go with the installation! 

For the security film portion at Port Orchard, the customer also went with Scott’s recommendation and had the 3M Ultra S600 installed to the storefront glass! 3M Ultra S600 increases the strength of the glass by 2-3 times and was installed with a silicone attachment which increases the strength even more. Security window film helps keep shattered glass together in case of impact or natural disasters. Security film also prolongs forced entry time, which allows more time for help to arrive on the scene. It's an easy and affordable addition to your existing security system.

Results of the Window Film Installation

As you can imagine, both of these installations ended up being quite large and a lot of work was put into them both to bring out the Military Recruitment Centers vision. The Seattle installation ended up being 1,400 square feet of custom window graphics and took a team of installers three full days to complete. The Port Orchard installation ended up being 137 square feet of security film, 137 square feet of window graphics, and 50 square feet of wall graphics. It took a team of installers two days to complete the Port Orchard installation.

We asked Scott what his overall thoughts were for both of these projects and he said it took a lot of back and forth to get everything correct, but it was all worth it in the end because both installations turned out great and we couldn’t be happier! That’s what we love to hear! 

As you can see from the work we have done with the Military Recruiting Center, Solar Art is your one-stop-shop for all things window film. We don’t just do solar film installations. While we can help you with solar film, we can also help you with decorative window film, window graphics, wall graphics, anti-graffiti film, window security film, exterior building wraps, and more! If you are interested in learning more about custom graphics or any other type of window film service for your upcoming projects, reach out to Solar Art today! We would love to send out a sales representative to work with you and help bring your vision to life!

Project Details


Seattle, Washington

Type of Film:

Storefront Window Graphics

Square Feet of Project:

1,724 sf.

Installation Time:

5 days of install

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