Madico - Anti-Graffiti Film

Madico Window Films

Graffiti Film offers a layer of protection on glass and other smooth surfaces such as elevators and escalators to help against graffiti and other forms of vandalism. Graffiti film can be removed and replaced if vandalism occurs.

madico anti graffiti window film
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Madico- Anti-Graffiti Film Specification

Product Line VLT VLR UV TSER Glare
Graffiti-Free 6Mil 87% 10% 99% 17% 3%
Madico - Anti- Graffiti Pricing

Starting at $6

Pricing is based on square footage installed and includes labor and materials. 

Madico-Anti-Graffiti Downloadable Specification Card


A clear film that will not change the look of the space. This film can easily be removed and replaced if it gets tagged. 

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