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Reflective Window Film Installation at a Home in Anaheim, California       

Solar Art installed reflective window film to a home in Anaheim, California! There are a ton of windows throughout this entire home. As a matter of fact, the entire backside of the home is made up of glass windows. The customer really liked this feature of the home for many reasons. First off, they are easily able to see into the backyard, which is great because they have kids. The homeowner likes being able to watch the kids play outside while still being inside. The homeowner also likes the way the windows make the home look. They give the home a modern, open and airy feel. With this being said, all of these windows also pose a few problems. Yes, the homeowner is able to see out of the windows and into the backyard which they like. However, their neighbors and those walking by can also easily see straight into the home, which is a serious security issue. In addition to the lack of privacy, the windows also let in a ton of heat and glare. The home is uncomfortably hot and the glare is extremely annoying. Seeing as the homeowner really does love having the windows, they didn’t want to cover them with blinds or shades. They were interested in doing research to see the different kinds of window treatments on the market to see if any would work for their home project. After doing research online and talking with friends and family, the homeowner came across window film. They came across Solar Art’s website and learned that window film can not only reduce heat and reduce glare, it can also increase privacy. They called us up and requested a free quote to see if window film could potentially be a good fit for their home!

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Benefits of Reflective Window Film 

Our sales representative met the customer at their home and brought different window film samples with him for the customer to look through. When it comes to increased privacy, decorative window film and solar film are going to be your two best options. However, since the customer still wants to be able to see out of the windows, decorative window film wouldn’t really fit for this project. Most decorative window films look like a frosted window film and is going to prevent people from being able to see both in and out of the glass. Solar film on the other hand, would be a perfect fit for this home. Reflective window film is a kind of solar film that reduces heat, reduces glare and increases privacy as well. Our sales representative showed the customer reflective window film samples so they could see what it looks like. Some homeowners don’t like reflective window film for their home because it is going to change the look and the aesthetics of the home. After looking at the sample and holding it up to their glass, this homeowner decided they actually really liked the look of the reflective window film and thought it would look great on their home. The reflective window film the customer decided to go with is a one way mirror film. It is going to block 82% of heat, 93% of glare and 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Those UVA and UVB rays are the leading culprit of sun fading. Let those numbers sink in for a second. This reflective window film is going to make a significant difference in the temperature and the comfort of the home. Not to mention, it is going to significantly increase privacy. It has low interior reflectivity and high exterior reflectivity. What this means, is that those inside of the home will still be able to clearly see outside. However, those outside, won’t be able to see in the home. The homeowner can still watch the kids play outside, without having to worry that neighbors can see into the home. In addition to reflective window film, Solar Art also services decorative window film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, window security film and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in getting reflective window film installed to your home, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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