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Laguna Hills, California 

Wall Wrap Installation at an Automotive Tint Shop in Laguna Hills, California

Solar Art installed a wall wrap and custom graphics at Tint Plus in Laguna Hills, California! Tint Plus is our sister shop and is located right down the street from us! They are an automotive tint shop that installs window film specifically on cars. They recently acquired a new company and they were looking to rebrand their store to reflect the acquisition. They specifically were looking for wall wraps and custom graphics on the front of their showroom.

The business owner wanted to brand this part of the store to raise awareness of the acquisition and let their customers know they have expanded their business as soon as they walk through the door! Since this is our sister shop, they are very familiar with Solar Art and our custom graphics department. We did their original custom graphics for their showroom. Once the acquisition was final, the business owner knew right away that custom graphics would be the perfect way to rebrand the showroom and show off the acquisition. He called up our graphics manager to start working with him on coming up with the designs and figuring out exactly what he wants to do with the custom graphics.

Solar Art's Goals

First and foremost, Solar Art’s goal was to talk with the customer and learn what his goals were and what he wanted out of the installation. Our graphics manager worked with the business owner from the start to try and figure this out. The customer said they needed a design to be created from scratch to redo the layout of their existing custom graphics so they can fit more products.

The business owner also wanted the space to reflect the products they sell. In addition to a wall wrap, the business owner also expressed interest in having display boards installed as well as glass pieces. Once all of that was figured out, Solar Art’s goals for this project were to work with the business owner to create the perfect custom graphic for the different parts of the showroom and to help Tint Plus re-brand their business. 

Solar Art's Suggestions

Our graphics manager met with the customer to get some feedback on what they thought of the original custom graphics the customer had installed years ago. He wanted to get insight into what the customer thought of the product and if he had any comments, negative or positive. After hearing what the business owner had to say about the past installation, our graphics manager suggested the customer use a high tac wall vinyl for the wall mural, and cintra boards for the displays along with the glass pieces, which all stand off the wall itself.

Our graphics department suggested the customer use these products mainly because of how durable they are. They aren’t going to have any trouble being in a high traffic showroom. We also recommended these products because they are what Tint Plus used for their original wall graphics. We knew the customer was happy with the product and that the product worked for the original installation and that there would be no issues with this current installation.

What the Customer Chose

The customer decided to take our suggestions and use the products we recommended for their installation. They trusted the product and knew it would accomplish what they were looking for. From there, the business owner worked with our graphics department to figure out the design they wanted to create. The business owner told our graphics manager a general idea of what they wanted. He said they are looking for a clean, simple, and modern look to re-brand their store. Based on what the customer said, our graphics department made his vision come to life! Our graphics team made a proof based on what the customer said they were looking for and sent it over.

It took three design revisions to figure out the exact design to perfect their store. Once the proof was approved, we were ready for our installation team to do the installation. The benefit wall wraps and custom graphics offer that other window films don’t, is the flexibility. They give you the option to create a completely custom design that will set your space apart from others. You can create any size design or image using any colors you want. Not to mention, custom graphics are an affordable and simple way to not only give your space a custom design but to re-brand your business as well. Custom graphics can be a more temporary or permanent design. Our installation crew was able to go onsite and remove the original wall wrap and replace it with this fresh new one!

Results of the Window Film Installation

Overall, this installation ended up being a success! The total installation was 213 square feet. It took two installers four hours to install the wall mural and boards onto the wall. The installation of the vinyl and the glass to the boards took another 3 hours. We asked our graphics manager who worked the closes on this job, what her overall thoughts were on this project. She said, “This job was fun because it was completely custom. We designed all the artwork for the customer based on a general idea of what they wanted. They wanted a more clean, simple, and modern look to go with their brand. We went through three design revisions to achieve the exact look they wanted. The customer was easy to work with and provided great feedback throughout the design process. They’re very happy with the result of the installation and will be adding the same design to their other location!”

In addition to wall wraps and custom graphics, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, anti graffiti film, window security film, and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in learning more about wall wraps or think custom graphics might be a good fit for your office, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

Project Details


Laguna Hills, California

Type of Film:

Custom Graphics

Square Feet of Project:

213 sf.

Installation Time:

2 days of install

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