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Los Angeles, California 

Anti Graffiti Film Installation to a Storefront in Los Angeles, California     

Solar Art installed anti graffiti film to a storefront in Los Angeles, California! The building is currently empty and available for lease but the property manager was having a problem with the storefront glass being vandalized. As you can see from the photo, the far right has a bunch of etching and scratching and the actual door is vandalized with red graffiti. The property manager has already replaced the glass multiple times and it keeps getting vandalized. Curb appeal is a really important factor, especially for commercial properties. The property manager was worried that potential tenants are being turned off from the space because of how unsightly the damage makes the store look. Replacing all the storefront glass is also extremely expensive and the property manager didn’t want to keep replacing it if it was just going to keep getting damaged over and over again. With that being said he did some research to try and find potential solutions to the vandalism when he came across anti graffiti film from Solar Art’s website. The property manager reached out to learn more about anti graffiti film to see if it would be a good solution to the vandalism issue.

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Benefits of Anti Graffiti Film 

If you are new to reading our case studies and blogs you might not know what anti graffiti film is. Anti graffiti film is a protective layer of window film that is applied directly onto glass surfaces, just like standard solar film and any other kind of window film. The biggest difference in anti graffiti film from a standard window film is the thickness. Anti graffiti film is thicker than standard window film because the point of it is to prevent damage. Anti graffiti film does come in different thicknesses, depending on what you are looking for and how bad the damage is. If your storefront does get scratched, the anti graffiti film is going to get the wrath of the damage, not your glass. If you storefront does get vandalized with graffiti, the anti graffiti film is going to be what the graffiti hits, not your glass. In either of these cases, if your storefront does get damaged, all you have to do is call Solar Art and we will send out an installation crew as soon as possible. They remove the damaged window film and replace it with a fresh new layer. This is not only significantly cheaper than replacing glass, the process is much quicker. You can have peace of mind knowing your storefront glass always looks impeccable. Not to mention anti graffiti film is optically clear so intruders and potential tenants won’t even know it’s there. It isn’t going to change the look of the store at all, which is a great benefit. In addition to anti graffiti film, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, custom graphics, window security film and building wraps throughout California and Washington State. If you are interested in getting anti graffiti film installed to your commercial space, contact Solar Art today for a fast, free quote!

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