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Riverside, California 

Anti Graffiti Film Installation at JCPenney in Riverside, California

Solar Art installed anti graffiti film to a JCPenney in Riverside, California! This store is no stranger to vandalism, especially in the bathrooms. Their glass mirrors are constantly being scratched and etched and since the business owner wants to keep the store looking as clean and professional as possible, they have to repeatedly replace the glass. This not only gets really expensive, it’s also a huge hassle. You have to call the glass company, they have to order the glass which can take a long time for them to get, and then they have to actually go out and replace the glass. This meant the vandalized glass was left for that amount of time for customers to see, which can be a huge turn off. With that being said, the business owner needed something to be fixed. They were tired of having to constantly replace the glass just for it to turn around and get vandalized again. This is when they did some research and came across anti graffiti film from Solar Art! When they heard they could easily have the window film removed and replaced for the fraction of the cost of replacing glass, they decided that was the perfect fit for their store so they had it installed to all the glass in the restrooms.

Benefits of Anti Graffiti Film

Just as the customer expected, after the anti graffiti film was installed, the glass was tagged again. But this time, the store was prepared. In the photos below there is already anti graffiti film installed on the glass. Can you tell it’s there? Probably not because it’s optically clear. Vandals and customers will have no idea you have it installed to your glass. The anti graffiti film gets the wrath of the damage, not your glass. In the photos below, it’s the anti graffiti film that is scratched and etched not the actual glass itself. The customer was easily able to call us up and we had an installation crew go onsite as soon as possible and remove and replace the damaged anti graffiti film with a fresh new layer. It’s as simple as that. The store is able to save money by not having to constantly replace glass, and we are able to quickly get out there so customers don’t have to see the vandalism. It’s a win-win situation! As you can probably imagine, anti graffiti film is thicker than standard window film. It comes in different thicknesses and the thicker it is, the harder it is to get through. Solar Art typically installs anti graffiti film to mirrors, windows, elevators, escalators, and vending machines. The customer was extremely happy with the results of the anti graffiti film because they are able to have peace of mind knowing that their store is protected from vandalism 24/7. In addition to anti graffiti film, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, custom graphics, window security film and exterior building wraps throughout California and Washington State. If you are interested in getting anti graffiti film installed to your commercial business, contact Solar Art today for a fast, free quote!

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