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Ceramic Window Tint Installation at a Home in Menlo Park, California

Solar Art installed ceramic window tint to a home in Menlo Park, California! The living room area of the home has large glass walls where you can see straight into the backyard. This homeowner has a really private backyard that is covered with trees and shrubs, which is nice because they don’t have privacy issues where people are able to see into their home. They are able to enjoy their beautiful glass walls, which is great! The glass walls also let in a ton of natural light which makes the home bright and welcoming, which the homeowner loves. While natural light is great, the amount of sun exposure isn’t. The homeowner doesn’t have a real problem with heat, but they were having an issue with sun fading. As you can see from the photo below, the customer has really beautiful artwork hanging on the walls in the living room. Not only the paintings, but the furniture is exposed to the sun, a large majority of the day. This was a really big concern for the customer as artwork and valuable belongings can be irreplaceable. With that being said, they were trying to find a solution without having to cover up their glass wall. They came across Solar Art online and requested a free quote to learn more about what their different options are! 

Benefits of Ceramic Window Tint

Our sales representative met the customer at their home to talk with them and learn the specifics about what they were looking for. When our sales representative learned that the main priority of the customer was to protect their belongings from sun fading and not lose the glass wall, he thought of a ceramic window tint. Our sales representative thought a ceramic window tint would be a good fit for this project because it isn’t going to drastically change the look of the home. Ceramic window tint contains no metals or dyes which is why it isn’t going to change the aesthetics. What this means is the customer still gets to utilize the glass wall and still has full views into the backyard. In addition to that, ceramic window tint is also a UV window film that will protect belongings from sun fading. After learning about all the benefits of ceramic window tint, the homeowner decided it was the right window film for their home. From there, they looked through different ceramic window tint samples and decided to have Ceramic 60 installed. C60 blocks 43% of heat, 34% of glare and 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Those UVA and UVB rays are the leading culprit of sun fading. This is going to greatly protects your valuable belongings from sun fading. While UV window film won’t completely stop the sun from fading your belongings, it prolongs it and does protect it. In addition to ceramic window tint and UV window film, Solar Art also services decorative window film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, security window film and building wraps. If you are interested in getting ceramic window tint installed to your home, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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