Solar Control Window Tinting

Reduce your utility bill, protect your possessions and add some privacy to your space with residential and commercial window tinting from Solar Art.

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Block Harmful Heat

window-tint-diagram.pngSolar control films reduce additional heat by limiting solar energy. Solar radiation is made up of UV radiation, light and near-infrared radiation. Out of the three parts of sunlight, near-infrared radiation makes up a majority of the solar spectrum, followed by visible light and UV light. When energy from the sun hits your window, some of the solar energy is soaked up and some is reflected by the window, but a majority of it passes through the glass. With so much radiation entering your home, you may need to crank up the cooling system. This boosts the utility prices for you and makes your home or building use more energy.
 Solar control films will:

  • Boost the performance of the current windows on your home or building
  • Reject over three-fourths of the heat coming in through your windows
  • Offer an option to ad privacy to your space

 Avoid Fading With UV Protection

prevent-fading.pngDiscoloration of things like floors, furniture or artwork is mainly a result of the three components of sunlight; ultraviolet light, visible light, and near-infrared radiation. By reflecting 99% of the ultraviolet rays and most of the heat, our tints will deliver substantial ultraviolet protection and fade protection, while bringing visible light into the room. Sunshine can cause discoloration in softer items like flooring, curtains and other items. Solar control film keeps your possessions bright and can extend their life.


What Causes Fading:

  • 40% of fading is casued by harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • 25% of fading is caused by the solar heat
  • 25% of fading is caused by visible sunlight
  • 10% of fading is caused by miscellaneous factors

Better Visibility by Reducing Glare

Wouldn't you rather have your shades or curtains open all day rather than having to fight the sunlight in order just to see out clearly? You've probably had some trouble with glare on your monitors or TV screens at home or work. This irritating problem can make it hard to enjoy, and more importantly, see what you're doing. Reflective surfaces such as the screens on home or office electronics have better visibility without direct sunlight. Eliminating excess light makes it easier to see your devices in addition to making outside views easier to see.reduce-glare.jpg

Applying these films to your glass will:

  • Lower glare for better visibility out your windows day or night
  • Block up to 94% of glare

Be Energy Efficient

Homes and businesses in our country are responsible for approximately 40% of the national energy consumption. These numbers underline the urgent need to upgrade existing residential and commercial structures with more energy efficient glass with new film products.

Office and home window tinting delivers:

  • Less heat coming through your glass
  • Boosted HVAC efficiency while lowering electric bills
  • Eligibility for rebates from local utility companies