Our Why.



The modern mission statement.

"Bringing happiness to people in the spaces where we live, work and play."





Core Values

What matters to us


Be Authentic  |  Show Respect  |  Use "We" not "I"  |  Have Fun, Be Positive  |  WOW the Customer!


Meet the Team

Matthew Darienzo


Brian Lagestee


Howard Wallace

VP of Sales and Finances

Dawn Baggs

Director of Operations

Jennifer Solar

Director of Marketing

Kirk Lane

Director of Business Development

Chad Shields

Project Manager

Lisa Leduc

Accounting Associate

Jasmine Banegas

Contracts & Insurance Administrator

Je'Nai Lee

Accounting Assistant

Michelle Nolan

Accounting Assistant

Kirsten LeDuc

Accounting Assistant

Drew Wyman


Jeff Salt


Jenna Barnett

Marketing Assistant

Jamie Gerber

Graphics Project Estimator

Michelle Benyamini

Senior Operations Manager

Jesus Barbosa

Operations Assistant

Bob Mason

Outside Sales Associate

George Ricciardi

Outside Sales Associate

Alyssa Collica

Operations Manager

John Jackson

Outside Sales Associate

Christina Herring

Operations Manager

Gail Lapitan

Operations Assisstant

Jody Johnson

Operations Administrator

Gregg Templin

Outside Sales Associate

News & Press