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Huntington Beach, California 

Solar Art installed Casper Cloaking Film to an office in Huntington Beach, California! The customer already had custom graphics installed to the conference room glass for privacy purposes, and they were looking for even more privacy in their conference room. They hold a lot of important meetings containing confidential information and they were looking to maximize privacy in that space. They like the custom graphics they already have installed and they didn’t want to get rid of them. They were looking for a solution where they could keep the custom graphics and still get more privacy in the conference room. They reached out to Solar Art to learn about window film and see what options they had.

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Benefits of Casper Cloaking Film 

Our sales representative met with the contractor to go over some different options the customer has. If they didn’t mind removing their custom graphics they could have them removed and replaced with full coverage frosted window film. This wasn’t a good option for this customer for a few reasons. They didn’t want to remove their already existing custom graphics, and they wanted the ability to somewhat see out of the conference room. When our sales representative heard this he instantly thought of Casper Cloaking Film. Casper Cloaking Film is a type of decorative window film made by Solyx. Casper Cloaking Film obscures digital screens from outside view and blocks LED screens. It will prevent people from seeing what is being presented on the screen but still allows visibility into the space.

This will allow you to work collaboratively in any meetings without worrying about confidentiality and still have natural light coming through. There are a few limitations to what type of devices will work with Casper Cloaking Film and what devices won’t. Solar Art has put together a list of what devices will work and won’t work so you can easily see if it is right for you. This particular customer had devices that will work with Casper Cloaking Film and they decided this was the perfect window film for their project.

We installed the Casper Cloaking Film on the second surface of the glass as to not interfere with the already existing custom graphics. We installed the Casper Cloaking Film starting from the top of the glass and ending where the custom graphics end to keep the seamless look of the conference room. Casper Cloaking Film can easily be removed from the glass with no damage to the surface. In addition to decorative window film, Solar Art also services solar film, anti graffiti film, security window film, custom graphics, and exterior building wraps. We do residential and commercial installations throughout California and Washington state. If you are interested in getting window film installed to your home or office, contact Solar Art for a free quote!

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Casper Cloaking Film is a type of decorative window film that obscures digital screens from outside view, increasing privacy in an office space. Contact Solar Art today for a free quote!