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Foothill Ranch, California 

Custom Graphics Installation at Sal's Pizzeria in Foothill Ranch, California

Solar Art installed custom graphics to Sal’s Pizzeria in Foothill Ranch, California! The CEO of Solar Art actually owns Sal’s Pizzeria as well. He bought it a few months back under a different name and is in the process of completely re-branding the shop. The grand opening is in the middle of August and renovations are happening within the next few weeks. Our CEO is tearing out everything and completely flipping the store. He plans on having many different types of custom graphics installed as part of the construction for the new store. In the meantime before the renovations start, he wanted to install a wall graphic to brand the new company and let customers know the story behind Sal’s Pizzeria. He also wanted to have window graphics installed to the storefront to advertise the new store name with the new company logo and the most popular menu item. For the wall graphic our CEO knew he wanted to highlight the staples of Sal’s Pizzeria and let the customers know what they offer. He worked with the in house graphics team at Solar Art to come up with and perfect the wall graphic. 

Benefits of Custom Graphics 

After going back and forth a few times, our graphics team and the CEO came up with this wall graphic. It clearly exemplifies that Sal’s Pizzeria uses fresh ingredients and is authentic Sicilian pizza. It advertises that our staple plate is Grandma’s Pie which is a New York classic. It doesn’t leave customers with any questions and has a clean look that will brand the business before the construction starts. Our installation crew went out and installed the wall graphic and the window graphics early in the morning before the store was even open, as to not disrupt the customers or the staff. Custom graphics give you the flexibility and the freedom to create any design you want. Custom graphics can be installed to walls, glass, floors, carpet, cement and more. You can create your own design or have an already made design printed. Custom graphics like window graphics and wall graphics make advertising your business and branding your business really easy and affordable. You can install custom vinyl lettering on your storefront to let your customers know your hours of operation. You can also install your company logo on walls and glass throughout the store to let potential customers know who you are, just like we did at Sal’s Pizzeria. Like I said earlier, these are the pre-construction custom graphics. Check back in a few weeks to see what the store looks like after the renovations and all of the cool ways we incorporated custom graphics at Sal’s Pizzeria. In addition to wall graphics and custom graphics, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, anti graffiti film, security window film and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in getting wall graphics or window graphics installed to your commercial space, contact Solar Art today for a free window film quote!

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