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Los Angeles, California

Frosted Window Logo Installation at a Coffee Shop in Los Angeles, California 

Solar Art installed a frosted window logo to a coffee shop in downtown Los Angeles, California. The customer had just moved into the space and they were trying to brand their business with their logo and also attract new customers to come into the store. They already had created their logo of the coffee cup, but they weren’t sure what they wanted to do with it exactly. They worked with our sales representatives and in house graphics team and decided to cut their logo out of 3M Frosted Crystal window film. 3M Frosted Crystal film is an opaque window film that has a shimmer to it. They had frosted window film installed to the entire window to not only have a decorative focal point, but to also create privacy within the store. They cut their logo out of the window film in multiple areas to brand their business. They also had vinyl lettering installed to their storefront displaying their business hours.

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How Frosted Window Logos Work 

Frosted window logos and custom graphics in general are great because they give you the flexibility to create really anything you want for an affordable price. Wall paper and paint can damage a wall or glass, but window graphics and wall graphics can easily be removed if need be. If the hours of operation change or even the logo, the old can easily be switched out for the new. Window graphics are also great because you can choose the material you want to cut or print your graphic on. This particular customer decided they wanted to use the 3M Frosted Crystal window film, but you are not limited to that. If you don’t want something shimmery, 3M Dusted Crystal and a standard frosted window film are really popular options. They are both opaque window films that look clean and modern. This coffee shop only had their logo and store hours displayed to their storefront, but again, you are not limited to that. You can have wall graphics installed to your business as well. Graphics can be applied to walls, floors and more! While Solar Art frequently installs both window graphics and wall graphics, that’s not all we do! You can also have decorative window film installed as well as anti graffiti film or security window film to add protection. Solar film is great to reduce heat or reduce glare. All window tint blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays and most will reduce heat and glare. Solar Art can be your one stop shop to completely transform your office space for an affordable price! Contact Solar Art today to see if window film is right for you!

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