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99% UV Protection

Solar film rejects 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Up to 75% Reduced Heat

Solar film reduces your home's heat up to 75% depending on the shade of film.

Up to 75% Reduced Glare

Solar film blocks 94% of glare from entering your home.

#1 Solar Film Installers in Lakewood, California

Sun and heat are a constant problem in areas like Lakewood, California. Solar radiation is the energy the sun gives off that can harm your home. With solar film, you can avoid excess energy from solar radiation. Ultraviolet, or UV radiation, visible light and near-infrared radiation can all be found in solar energy. Near-infrared radiation makes up 53% of the solar spectrum, visible light 44% and ultraviolet 3%. When sunlight hits your windows, some of this energy passes into your building while the remainder bounces outward.

All the energy that enters your home or work space through sunlight heats up your space, leaving you to change the thermostat and use more energy. This increases the electricity costs for your space and makes your building waste more energy. Installing solar film can boost the performance of the existing glass on your business and block over three-fourths of the radiation coming in through your windows! If you are interested in getting solar film installed to your home in Lakewood, California, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!


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