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Security film for your property

Both homeowners and business owners across Orange County worry about home invasion, vandalism and harmful weather. Safety & Security film from Solar Art strengthens your windows from the inside to protect everyone inside in the event of an emergency. Each customer has different needs, so we deliver film in different thicknesses up to 14 mils. Some of our select thicknesses are available with solar control to keep your property energy efficient and without dangerous ultraviolet rays.


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Invisible Protection

Safety & Security film installs quickly and doesn't block your view from that window, so you can still enjoy the beautiful views across Orange County. From 4 to 14 mils, every one of our thicknesses fortifies your windows against damage. Although unlikely, if your glass does sustain damage, any small pieces will be contained by the film. Safety & Security film in your home or business is a wise way to fortify and protect your windows in the event of earthquakes or intruders.

When it comes to security, most burglars enter through glass doors or sidelights. It may only take a few moments for them to enter through standard glass. Our safety films increase the strength of your current windows up to 3 times.

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The Solar Art Advantage

No matter what your reason for needing Safety & Security film, from intruders to natural disasters, we will help. The addition of Solar Art film includes:

  • Makes glass more resistant to earthquakes and natural damage
  • Limits debris from cracked glass
  • An additional, translucent layer of protection against robbery
  • Attachment systems are available to improve the strength of your windows