Safety and Security Window Film, Los Angeles CA

Safety and security films provide a powerful coating of protection you can't see. Prevent business windows from breaking, strengthen windows and strengthen glass to prevent unwanted intruders.

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Forced Entry

For businesses and homeowners both, the danger of intrusion is quite serious. Of all burglaries, more than half involve forcible entry. Most break-ins come in through glass openings such as doors, windows, or sidelights. Solar Art provides Safety and Security Film for windows to make sure everyone is safe. We install clear window films that come in a variety of thickness. Along with adding a coat of defense to your property, we can also include the option of solar control tint to block out harmful rays and too much heat. 

Benefits of safety film:

  • All these films reject 99% of UV rays
  • Reinforces glass to protect against break-ins
  • Tinted safety film with solar properties can improve your view and glass efficiency

Attachment Systemswindow-film-attachment-systems-los-angeles-ca


Window film attachment systems provide an even higher level of protection for your glass than security film alone. We utilize an adhesive or silicone system that secures the applied film to the frame of the glass providing the additional strength needed in certain situations.

Window film attachment systems will:

  • Assure against impact from earthquakes
  • Provide extra strength against break-ins
  • Strengthen glass for impact or bomb blasts

Strengthen Your Glasssecurity-window-film-los-angeles-ca

The image to the right is an example of what can happen when your glass breaks and you DO NOT have our clear safety film installed. Safety film can increase the strength of your glass by 2 to 3 times. Available from 4 mils to 14 mils, our films hold the glass together in the event of a breakage so the pieces will be contained by the film preventing harmful glass shards from falling.