Benefits of Solar Window Tinting for Offices

Project Goals

Privacy is a very important aspect of any business.  At times, commercial businesses don't want passerby's to be viewing the inside of their business for different reasons.  One being to protect the privacy of employees and customers.  Another being to protect valuables from being easily seen from the outside. The goal of this installation was to produce a sense of privacy as well as control the heat and glare coming into the business.  


Reflective window film

Solution & Result

Llumar NHE 20 

Llumar NHE 20 was the solar film used for this commercial business.  It has more of a neutral tone as opposed to a more blue reflection such as a mirror type look.  Since having this type of reflection, it has a natural feel to it while also making it difficult to see inside of the business.  

Llumar-NHE 20:

  • Shields 99% of UV radiation
  • On a double pane glass, 73% of the total solar energy is rejected
  • The visible light reflectance from the outside looking in is 24%

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