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Bainbridge Island, Washington

3M Prestige 70 Window Film Installation at a Home on Bainbridge Island, Washington

Solar Art installed 3M Prestige 70 to a home in Bainbridge Island, Washington. As you can see, the customer has large glass windows so they can see their beautiful waterfront view. Even though the weather on Bainbridge Island isn’t as warm as some places, that doesn’t stop harmful UV rays from entering the home. The customer was noticing that the furniture was getting significantly faded from the sun. Especially in the summer, the customer was also having issues with the amount of heat that would come through the window. The homeowner wasn’t looking to add window film to her entire house, only certain areas where the heat and UV were a real problem. The customer also wanted a window film option that wouldn’t stop her from being able to see those gorgeous views. With that being said, she worked with our sales representative to figure out which window film would best suit her needs.

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Benefits of 3M Prestige 70 Window Film 

The customer decided to have 3M Prestige 70 window film installed. 3M Prestige 70 is an extreme heat blocking window film that reduces 50% of heat that enters the space, 23% of glare and blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays. It is a low reflective window film and contains dyes but no metal. 3M Prestige 70 window film will not aesthetically change the look of your space, which is one of the reasons why the customer chose this solar film. She was able to install the window film to some windows throughout the home, but not all, without it looking non-uniform. Solar film, like most other window films can easily be removed and replaced if needed. This particular customer decided to have the standard 3M Prestige 70 window film installed, but it does come in an exterior option as well and looks great in both residential and commercial settings. The customer was extremely pleased with the end result of the installation. She had a window film installed that would greatly reduce heat, glare and UVA/UVB rays, her views weren’t being hindered and she was able to install them to certain windows throughout the home. All of her needs were checked off! In addition to solar film, Solar Art also services decorative window film, anti graffiti film, security window film, custom graphics and building wraps. If you are interested in learning more about window film for either your home or office, Contact Solar Art today for a free quote.

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3M Prestige 70 is a heat blocking window film that will reduce heat, glare and block UV rays. Contact Solar Art today for a free quote!