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Dallas home window tinting TX

Residential Window Tinting Dallas

Solar window film provides your family home with comfortable protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Learn more about Residential Window Film
Dallas commercial window tinting Texas

Commercial Window Tinting Dallas

Window film for commercial buildings strengthens glass, provides privacy, and helps keep out the heat, creating a cool and comfortable space.

Learn more about Commercial Window Film

Serving Dallas and the surrounding cities:


Stay Cool, Comfortable, and Safe.

Solar Art offers both residential and commercial window film as a full-service provider. This includes building wraps, wall murals, and graphics. We take pride in our customer service, bringing you the best window film and tinting solutions for your home or business. Not only do we cater to both residential and commercial clients throughout the west coast, but we also handle larger projects on the national level.

We help both commercial and residential clients in DAL. We can also go to you anywhere in the country for larger commercial glass projects.

Solar Art: #1 Installer Leader

Window Film and Tinting Types

"We help create a cool and comfortable environment for you and your family or business."

Cool and comfortable residential and commercial spaces

Solar Film

Heat blocking film helps create a more energy-efficient space. Maintain natural light and those wonderful views. Save money on your utility bill. Experience a cool and comfortable space all day long.

Window film by Solar Art helps maintain a cool and comfortable environment year round for both residential and commercial clients.

Whether for sliding glass doors to french doors or skylights, we can help. Can be mirror, reflective outside and see through from inside. 

  • Energy Savings
  • Reduce Fading on Furniture, Floors, Artwork, Clothing and more
  • Reject Heat/Heat Control/Climate Control
  • Protect Backyard Turf from Extreme Heat Reflection
  • Glare Reduction/Anti-Glare
  • Sun & UV Protection, Ultraviolet Resistant
Dallas home solar window film
Residential Solar Film
Create comfortable rooms in your house
Dallas commercial solar window film
Commercial Solar Film
Increase comfortability of your office

Privacy + Aesthetics

Decorative Window Film

Frosted window tinting (frosting) and film helps to increase productivity in the workplace. Privacy window film prevents people from seeing inside. Custom art can be incorporated into the design to help promote brand awareness and a better workplace culture.

Solar Art is known for providing quite a few choices for both residential and commercial decorative window film. Our onsite graphic designers are ready to bring your project to fruition.

decorative window film Dallas for house
Residential Decorative Film
Increase privacy along with design
Dallas decorative window film installations office
Commercial Decorative Film
Frosted office conference room windows

Privacy + Security

Security Window Film

Protect window glass with an extra layer of security by adding security window film. This invisible, transparent security layer works to strengthen glass and minimize glass shatter.

Clients want the guarantee of knowing their commercial or residential windows have an extra clear layer of protection. Window privacy film makes it more difficult for criminals to break the windows.


  • Restaurants
  • Business & Office Buildings
  • Mass Transit
  • Government Buildings
  • Museums & Libraries
  • Churches
  • Hotel & Hospitality Locations
  • Skylights
  • Storefront & Retail Spaces
  • Arenas, Venues & Stadiums
  • Secured Buildings
  • Schools & Universities


  • Exterior Refinishing
  • Elevator Refinishing
  • Bird Strike Prevention
  • Ballistic Resistance
  • Bomb Blast
  • Earthquake Mitigation
  • Help Prevent Looting
  • Safety and Security
  • Anti Graffiti, Anti-Scratch
  • Decorative & Promotional
Dallas residential security film
Residential Security Film
3M Security Film
Dallas anti-graffiti security window film
Commercial Security Film
School safety or storefront protection

Re-imagine and design your space with custom graphics

Wall Murals & Window Graphics

Display mission statements and personalized wall art within your office space. These modern textured wall murals are vinyl, leave no foot print, are difficult to damage, and are easy to install.

Associates thrive in a workplace that is both positive and inspirational. Our in-house graphic designers can help bring your vision to life.

Dallas residential custom graphics murals for wall install
Residential Window Graphics & Wall Murals
For Home Offices, Game Rooms, and Garages
Dallas office conference room custom vinyl graphics
Commercial Window Graphics & Custom Wall Murals
For Businesses, Storefronts, and Offices

The Benefits of Window Film

Our company's window film products save you money and provide a wide array of benefits.

We have the experience, and our expert team can help you discover the best residential or commercial window film solutions. Some important benefits of window film installation include:

Blocking the Heat

Window film can block as much as 63 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays. Keep your space cool and comfortable year round. Great for all rooms: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.


Reduces Glare

Protect your eyes from glare and harsh sunlight that bounces off of reflective surfaces. Maintain a more productive work environment with solar glare reduction.


Better Privacy

Window film provides for better privacy in both residential and commercial spaces. This type of reflective film keeps out unwanted UV rays so that you maintain a cool and comfortable work or home environment.


Reduce Unwanted Fading

Fading via the sun's harmful UV rays is reduced by as much as 99 percent when our window film is installed.

Prioritize Security

Privacy window film helps to strengthen glass and minimize shatter. Intruders are surprised by hard to shatter glass because of the extra security that window film provides.

LEED Certified

Reduce costs while protecting the environment. The window film our company provides is LEED certified, which helps you get a rebate and focus on energy efficiency.

Learn more here: LEED Certification Knowledge

Homeowners, general contractors, glass companies, and more trust Solar Art as an authorized installer and dealer of the major window film brands:

  • 3M
  • Aegis
  • ASWF
  • Avery Dennison Architectural Film
  • Belbien
  • Casper Cloaking Privacy Film
  • CoolVu
  • Edge Film Technologies
  • Everase
  • Graffiti Shield
  • Hexis Antimicrobial Film - PURE ZONE
  • Huper Optik
  • Johnson Window Films
  • LLumar
  • Madico
  • Nexfil
  • Panorama
  • Pentagon Protection US
  • Solar Gard
  • Solyx
  • SunTek
  • V-KOOL
  • Wintech

Our Company Is #1 for Glass Film Installation

At Solar Art, we provide affordable window film solutions in a timely manner throughout DAL and the entire country. We service both residential and commercial clients, including large corporations and other organizations such as:


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Solar Art's staff was so friendly and professional when they installed some window film into our office lobby. They did a superb job and I'd highly recommend them. Very reasonable pricing for the work as well.

Lauren F., Dallas, TX


FAQs - Discover More About Window Film

Discover solutions to all of your window film questions. While we have provided many answers detailing the solutions we offer our customers, we know that you likely have quite a few more questions. We will answer them for you. Give us a call!

What type of heat reduction does window film provide for both residential and commercial spaces?

Window film reduces heat in general, but not all window films are created equal. Solar film, for example, blocks UV rays to the tune of a 63 percent reduction in heat. This ensures a safe, cool, and comfortable living or work environment. The darker the tinting, the more you can count on heat reduction overall. Ceramic films, while clear and free of both dyes and metals, still provide heat reduction up to 63 percent.

DAL Zip Codes Served:

  • 75203
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  • 75398

We Look Forward to Serving You

Solar Art is proud to serve the over 1.3 million people in the city of DAL. We recently acquired Amersol, a window film company established in 1974.

We are punctual, professional, and highly reviewed by our clients all over Texas.

Dallas County TX commercial window tint buildings conference rooms


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