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Phoenix home window tinting AZ

Residential Window Tinting Phoenix

Solar film blocks heat and harmful UV rays from the sun, protecting your home and making it more comfortable for your family.

Learn more about Residential Window Film
Phoenix commercial window tinting Arizona

Commercial Window Tinting Phoenix

Improve your place of business by making it more private with glass film; keep your space cool and reduce heating costs.

Learn more about Commercial Window Film

Serving Phoenix and surrounding areas:

Phoenix Office (Solar Art has acquired Metro Tint)
11029 N 24th Ave, Ste 805
Phoenix, AZ 85029
Tel: (602) 589-5385


Make your space as comfortable as possible.

Solar Art is a full service window tinting company using solar film for decorative and window security applications, window graphics, wall murals, and building wraps. We are proud of the unmatched customer service that we provide to our clients; in every project, our goal is to help you love the space that you use for work, play, and daily living.

We serve residential and commercial clients in PHX but also travel around the country for bigger commercial projects.

Find Out Why Solar Art Is The Leader

We Offer Many Types of Window Film

"Love the space you live, work, and play in."

Comfort in every home and office

Solar Film

Film that blocks heat makes windows more energy efficient. It will not reduce natural light or block your view. Energy costs go down. Your house or building will be comfortable all day long.

Solar Window Film helps your storefronts, residential and commercial spaces maintain an optimal temperature for maximum comfort any time during the year.

Can be applied to all types of glass from sliding glass doors & french doors to skylights.

  • Energy Savings
  • Reject Heat/Heat Control/Climate Control
  • Reduce Fading on Furniture, Floors, Artwork, Clothing and more
  • Protect Backyard Turf from Extreme Heat Reflection
  • Sun & UV Protection, Ultraviolet Resistant
  • Glare Reduction/Anti-Glare
Phoenix solar residential window film
Residential Solar Film
Create comfortable rooms
solar window tint for phoenix commercial office building
Commercial Solar Film
Increase office comfortability

Attractive film for privacy

Decorative Window Film

Frosted window film improves productivity. Privacy film prevents nosy people from peering in. Create logos, wall art, or inspirational quotes to boost company morale and cultivate a healthy work culture.

Solar Art offers a broad range of choices in textured decorative film for your home or business such as 1-way mirror film and Casper film. Our in-house team of talented graphics professionals will take your project to a successful completion.

Phoenix residential frosted decorative home window tint
Residential Decorative Film
Increase privacy with design
commercial Phoenix decorative window film
Commercial Decorative Film
Frosted office windows

More Peace of Mind with Better Security

Security Window Film

Tough window security film will strengthen your glass and prevent it from being the weakest spot in your security system. Add a layer of reinforcement that will make the glass stronger and keep it from shattering similar to anti-shatter.

Our customers feel safer with the knowledge that even if their windows are struck multiple times, the windows at their home or business will be secure. The benefit of security film is that it makes it more difficult for property intruders to break through.


  • Business & Office Buildings
  • Skylights
  • Storefront & Retail Spaces
  • Hotel & Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Schools & Universities
  • Arenas, Venues & Stadiums
  • Secured Buildings
  • Mass Transit
  • Government Buildings
  • Museums & Libraries
  • Churches


  • Bird Strike Prevention
  • Decorative & Promotional
  • Ballistic Resistance
  • Bomb Blast
  • Exterior Refinishing
  • Elevator Refinishing
  • Earthquake Mitigation
  • Help Prevent Looting
  • Safety and Security
  • Anti Graffiti, Anti-Scratch
Phoenix home security window film
Residential Security Film
3M Security film
anti-graffiti Phoenix security window tint
Commercial Security Film
School safety, store front protection

Add custom graphics and bring energy to your space

Wall Graphics & Murals | Window Graphics

Use custom wall art indoors or outdoors and inspirational mission statements to make your work space uniquely yours. Decorate your office with custom vinyl wall murals or window clings; it is a modern and convenient approach to office decorating that will not leave any mess or damage behind.

People at work love an environment that is motivating and positive. Our expert team of designers can help you create or improve a design and transform it to what you have envisioned.

residential wall murals phoenix custom graphics installations
Residential Window Graphics & Wall Murals
For Game rooms, Offices, and Garages
vinyl window wall graphics murals Phoenix office
Commercial Window Graphics & Custom Wall Murals
For Storefronts, Offices, and Businesses

Benefits of Window Film

Our film options not only help save money, but they provide you with numerous benefits! 

Our team of experts will collaborate with you to develop the most ideal solution for your home or business. Here is what you can gain by tinting your windows at home:

Blocks Heat

Blocks and reduces the amount of heat and sun coming through your windows by up to 63%. Keep your bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchen comfortable and cool throughout the day and every day.


Reduces Glare

Window tint cuts down on the glare created by the sun reflecting on the window surfaces, thus helping your eyes feel more comfortable with glare solar reduction. When your eyes feel better, you can accomplish more in the day.


Improves Privacy

Tinting your windows is the most convenient approach to adding more privacy to your home or office space. One-way reflective film reflects what is around the building so you can see out, but those outside cannot see in.


Reduces Fading

The sun's UVA and UVB rays can permanently fade surfaces and fabrics, but window tint can reduce the amount of harmful rays coming through the windows by 99% and prevent this fading.

Improves Security

Durable and clear security film can make glass windows stronger and prevent glass from shattering. This additional layer of security will foil the plans of potential intruders.

LEED Certified

Protect the environment and save money at the same time. Our films are certified by LEED, which means you qualify for rebates for making your home more energy-efficient.

Learn more about: LEED Certification

Companies & homeowners trust Solar Art as an authorized dealer & installer of these major window film brands:

  • 3M
  • Aegis
  • ASWF
  • Avery Dennison Architectural Film
  • Belbien
  • Casper Cloaking Privacy Film
  • CoolVu
  • Edge Film Technologies
  • Everase
  • Graffiti Shield
  • Hexis Antimicrobial Film - PURE ZONE
  • Huper Optik
  • Johnson Window Films
  • LLumar
  • Madico
  • Nexfil
  • Panorama
  • Pentagon Protection US
  • Solar Gard
  • Solyx
  • SunTek
  • V-KOOL
  • Wintech

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Solar Art helps transform your vision into a reality. Our customers include homeowners, small business owners, and major corps, like:


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phoenix gradient window film for glass offices

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I called upon 3 companies to visit for estimates for privacy window frosting in my office. Solar Art was knowledgeable as well as friendly. Pricing was great and they came out to install the frosted window film in just a couple days. They were so professional and friendly!

Bea B., Phoenix


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about window & glass tinting or window film, find your answers here. Our FAQ section continues to grow as we add more questions and answers that help you learn more about our products.

What is the amount of heat that window film can reduce?

Our wide assortment of window films for solar, security, decorative, anti-graffiti, and custom graphics can all reduce heat, but at different levels. Solar film can cut down heat absorbed by your window by 63%. Typically, films that have a darker tint can block out more heat. The exception is ceramic films which are clear to the eye because they don't have any dye or metal; these can also block up to 63% of heat without being dark.

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Solar Art is proud to serve the over 1.6 million people in the city of PHX. We have acquired the company Metro Tint. Established in 1988, Metro Tint (now Solar Art) is a leader in the Arizona window film industry. We are friendly, professional, and skilled at what we do.


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