3M Thinsulate Window Film Climate Control


3M Thinsulate is the industry-standard insulation technology, providing insulation for many areas of our lives, from lightweight winter jackets to soundproof walls and warm bedding. Now 3M is revolutionizing home insulation with cutting-edge Thinsulate window film for our homes and offices. Like traditional window film, 3M Thinsulate is applied to your glass windows to create energy-efficient, Low-E (low emissivity) windows. Unlike tinted heat reducing window films,  3M Thinsulate is nearly invisible--it lets you enjoy bright views, warm sunlight, and naturally-lit rooms without the year-round temperature fluctuations that cost you money. 

Why is My Electric Bill So High?

Popular solar film technology is versatile: window films can be tinted to cut light and enhance privacy, they strengthen glass surfaces, and they also make our homes more comfortable… when it’s hot. If your electricity bill is too high, look at your windows: how much heat do they let in during the day? Way too much, which costs you money every day! Reducing heat is great for the summer, but what about the winter? When you need to keep the heat in, solar window film isn’t the best option. 3M Thinsulate window film is the right choice when you want to keep the heat in and the cool out. This film reduces your cooling and heating bills making your windows more energy efficient.

How 3M Thinsulate Works

Like a lightweight winter jacket, 3M Thinsulate wraps your windows in a nearly-invisible, optically-clear and colorless, insulating window film. The technology reduces the sunlight entering your home and also physically traps the heat and cooling you want inside your home. 3M Thinsulate reflects 99% of incoming UVA and UVB rays: your home or office heating and air system uses less energy, saving you money every and night!  


Thinsulate’s technology helps your home meet energy efficiency requirements without the cost of installing new windows. Thinsluate insulating window film is a low e window film that increases window-pane efficiency dramatically, raising a single-pane windows efficiency close to that of a double pane. Got double-pane windows already? Thinsulate raises those as well to the efficiency of a triple-pane window. Thinsulate is a win-win no matter your existing home or building structure.

3M Thinsulate Climate Control Specifications

Product Line VLT VLR (Ext) VLR (Int) UV TSER Glare
Thinsulate 40 36% 7% 10% 99% 59% 59%
Thinsulate 75 74% 15% 12% 99% 47% 17%
3M Thinsulate Climate Control Cost

Starting at $18

Pricing is based on square footage installed and includes material and labor.

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3M Thinsulate Climate Control Specification Cards 
*Only sold in San Francisco and Seattle markets.

3M Thinsulate 40

Blocks 99% UVA/UVB rays and allows 40% visible light transmittance. An insulating window film that keeps a space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

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3M Thinsulate 75

Blocks 99% UVA/UVB rays and allows 75% visible light transmittance. An insulating window film that keeps a space cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Benefits of Thinsulate Window Film

There are no tints, so you can see everything and no one knows it’s there. While 3M Thinsulate doesn't offer the privacy of tinted window film but it won’t change your home’s appearance or dim your views. 3M Thinsulate increases glass strength and reduces shatter in case of breakage. What’s more, cutting all those UV rays protects your family and belongings from damaging solar radiation, which is the leading cause of sun fading and permanent sun damage around the home. Get peace of mind that your family is safe while saving money and protecting hard-to-replace items like artwork, flooring, and antiques.


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