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There aren't many places around San Francisco without sunshine. While the sunshine is pleasant, the energy coming into your home or business can cause damage to the interior after years of exposure. The heat and UV light from the sun can fade carpets and other possessions and warm the space, so you have to run the air conditioning. One easy method for keeping your bills budget friendly, protect your indoor items and provide privacy to your home is with our window tinting services.


Lower Energy Bills

Homes and businesses throughout the U.S. account for roughly over 70% of total electricity use. Thankfully, with window tinting film, you can lower these numbers and keep homes and commercial spaces across San Francisco more energy efficient.

Window tinting services offer:

  • Boosted HVAC efficiency while decreasing utility costs
  • PG&E offers utility rebates for window film energy-efficient-windows-san-francisco-ca

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Block Harmful Heat

Solar window film lowers heat gain by blocking solar radiation. Ultraviolet, or UV radiation, visible light and near-infrared radiation are found in solar radiation. Of the three components, near-infrared radiation makes up most of the solar spectrum, followed by visible light and UV light. When energy from the sun hits a window, the solar radiation is absorbed and the rest bounces off the window, but most passes through the glass. All the heat that enters your home or workspace via sunshine warms your space, leaving you to change the temperature and require more energy. The more often you change your cooling system, the more energy your building needs.

Benefits include:

  • Double or triple the performance of the current glass on your building with solar tinting
  • Reject up to 85% of the heat coming in through your glass

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Glare Reduction

If you call San Francisco home, you've probably had a problem with glare on your computer or TV screens at home or work. This annoying problem can make it hard to work. Reflective surfaces like the monitors on your electronics are easier to see without direct sunlight. Cutting out extra sunlight makes it easier to see your computer or TV and also makes outside views more visible.

With window tint, you can:

  • Reduce glare for optimal visibility
  • Reduce up to 94% of glare

Avoid Fadingprevent-fading-san-francisco-ca

Fading is generally a result of the three components of sunlight, UV light, visible light, and near-infrared radiation. By reflecting 99% of the UV rays and most of the heat, our window tinting can provide substantial UV protection while bringing visible light into your space. Too much light and heat can remove pigment out of soft items and flooring in your home or commercial property. Keep your interior looking bright and new with film tinting from Solar Art.